My name is Mukiibi Godfrey Hassan, Founder and Executive Director for Bucalpo Uganda. BUCALPO is an abbreviation for Bugoye Children Advocacy and Life Planning Organization. This organization was established in 2008 and was operating as a community initiative to support children who were vulnerable to a number of basic needs such as Education, feeding and sheltering. Later in 2014 the organization was registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Mukono District and was authorized to take full care of the children. The registration was supported by a number of elder community members and some professionals who made it  easy for the start off of Bucalpo Children’s home and Destiny Community Primary school an education project of Bucalpo Uganda.

The organization offer services in three different ways:

An orphanage home for orphans and vulnerable children.


Bucalpo children’s home is a Bucalpo Uganda Project that offers accommodation and full service caring to orphans and vulnerable children who after our background survey are found out to be homeless so as to let them gain the self-esteem through counseling, support for basic necessities of life such as education, food, play and something to wear over their bodies. Currently in 2019 the orphanage accommodates 135 full time orphans and vulnerable children. These children receive full basic life support. By the grace of God we believe that we shall always do our best and God will do the rest

The Education Program:  Destiny Community Nursery and Primary School


Bucalpo Uganda in 2014 started a primary after discovering that we were spending much money on educating these children yet among us were professional teachers. Destiny community school started with 35 children who were at the orphanage at time and an increase of 10 children from the community who used to walk long distances about (3 kilo meters) to the nearest school. The school in 2017 had its first primary candidate class where all candidates passed in the first and second grades. Currently in 2019 the school offers its services to 458 children from the nursery section to primary seven. Our goal is make sure all children no without discriminating in gender, culture or religion get the better education so as to be able to sustain their adulthood as responsible citizens and community members. 

Community outreach services and training:




















The community outreach program targets to educate the young people and youth who drop out of school for several reasons: Bucalpo Uganda is in a strategic geographical location surrounded by a number islands and landing sites where young people get involved in jobs like fishing, Fish drying, fish net drying, cooking at landing sites, working in shops at those business areas. Some girls even get involved in prostitution since some fishermen here in Uganda especially in rural settlements get a lot of money and the biggest percentage are young people who have no goals in life so they keep pushing young girls in prostitution for money. Working together with other organization and education institutions we train these young people and youth about the importance of life, skills and education and through counseling we refer them to our working partners in other vocational schools to get skills and experiences that can help them to live a meaningful life. Over the past 5 years we have seen change in many lives where many of our children, youth, and young people have graduated and by the grace of God have changed their lives for good.

Our mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS, Poverty and distress by proving them with better formal and informal education, early childhood skill development programs that may help them to install strong mind setting. To also create positive change by creating a safe place for them to express their ideas and views in order to make responsible actions and decisions about their future lives

Bucalpo Uganda is professionally learning and efficiently networking to ensure our products have integrity and transparency. We reach in more out to children in more affected families; we aim to give a helping hand to achieve measurable and durable changes into many lives in our society.
We believe that some children normally have dreams for their future while still young but have no strength to fulfil their dreams only if a helping hand touches

You too can become part of the team in making a safe place for the children at Bucalpo Uganda. The construction began early January and will take the long time till November since it will include a Main House for the Girls and main classroom for the Bucalpo School project.r

Your support can make a very big difference.


Bucalpo Uganda banking Details

Bank Name                               Barclays Bank (u) Ltd

Branch Name                           Mukono Branch

bank Address                           Plot 9, Block 530, Mukono Town

Account Name                         Bugoye Children Advocacy

Account Number                      6004788026

Swift Code                                CITIUS33


Dear our supporters and donors, This banking details is a tax-exempted for any amount that goes on it. no bank charges, taxes or fees will be reduced on your donations towards the Bucalpo Uganda Projects


For anyone who can support Via Money Gram for western Union, Please use our Authorized personnel to do the wothdraw.

relievers name: Mukiibi Godfrey Hassan and send the information on


Please Note: We keep record on every expenditures of the donated money or materials. in that case send us the email for reporting about your donated funds. May God bless and reward you more.




P. o. Box. 21 Katosi, Mukono

+256792425546, +256 77 694 8441



Kabira Village, Bugoye Parish.

,Ntenjeru Sub-county

Mukono District, Central Uganda




Facebook:bucalpouganda, Twitter: @Bucalpouganda, Skype: Bucalpo Uganda,Email: ,Visit our webpage on

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